• The Changing FinTech law and Regulations (Wu-Nan Book Co., 2019) (co-edited with Grace Ku) (變革中的金融科技法制,五南圖書,2019年初版,與谷湘儀共同編審
  • FinTech Developments and the Law (Wu-Nan Book Co., 2018  2ed.) (co-edited with Grace Ku) (金融科技發展與法律,五南圖書,2018年二版,與谷湘儀共同編審)

Book Chapters

  • A Rethinking of the Separation of Banking and Finance Policy, in the Economic and Financial Law Trends in the 21st Century 109-124 (2020)(金金分離政策的時代省思,收錄於「二十一世紀財經法潮流:林國全教授榮退祝賀論文集」,頁109-124,新學林,2020年。)
  • SupTech – The Enabler for FinTech Innovation, in The Changing FinTech Law and Regulations (Wu-Nan Book Co., 2019) (『監理科技—金融科技創新的促動器』,變革中的金融科技法制,五南圖書,2019)
  • The Promise and Challenge in the Era of Cashless Payments, in FinTech Developments and the Law (Wu-Nan Book Co., 2017) (『無現金支付時代的應許與挑戰』,金融科技發展與法律,五南圖書,2017)
  • The Use and Prospect of Blockchain, FinTech Developments and the Law (Wu-Nan Book Co., 2017 forthcoming)(『區塊鏈的運用及展望』,金融科技發展與法律,五南圖書,2017)
  • An Anatomy of Taiwan’s Consumer Debt Clearance Act, Legal Guide for A+ Companies (IV) (Shu-Chuan Publishing Co., 2008) (co-authored with Kevin Chang and Pijan Wu)(『消費者債務清理條例之剖析』,A﹢企業超群法律,書泉出版社,2008,與吳必然、張炳坤合著)


  • Understanding Policy Diffusion Mechanism of Financial Regulatory Innovation: The Experience of Taiwan, 30 (1) Asia Pacific Law Review(with Ping-Kuei Chen) (forthcoming 2022) (SSCI)
  • Critical Challenges for Developing SupTech – Taiwan’s Digital Regulatory Reporting Mechanism for Internet-only Banks as An Example (forthcoming August 2021) (監理科技發展的關鍵挑戰──以臺灣純網銀數位監理申報機制為例,月旦法學雜誌,316期,2021年8月(已接受但尚未刊登)
  • Exploring Regulatory Coordinates for Data Fiduciaries in the Era of Open Banking, 23 Chung Cheng Financial and Economic Law Review (forthcoming August 2021) (探尋資料受信者在開放銀行下的監理座標,中正財經法學,第23期,2021年(已接受但尚未刊登)
  • Shaping Forces and Critical Trends for Fintech Law and Regulation, 236 FT Law Review 2-10 (2021) (金融科技法制與監理變革的形塑力量與關鍵趨勢,萬國法律雜誌,第236期,頁2-10,2021年。)
  • Examining the Diffusion of Emerging Financial Regulatory Regimes: The Case of Regulatory Sandbox, 60 Wenti Yu Yanjiu 1-58 (with Ping-Kuei Chen) (陳秉逵、臧正運,初探新興金融監理制度之擴散:以監理沙盒為例,問題與研究,第60卷第2期,頁1-58,2021年6月。)(TSSCI Tier 1)
  • Regulatory Conundrums and Legal/Regulatory Strategies for FinTech Developments: Focusing on the Regulations and Practices in Taiwan, 163 National Chengchi University Law Review 139-218 (2020) (論金融科技發展的監理難題與法制策略 ─ 以我國的規範與實踐為核心,政大法學評論,第163期,頁139-218,2020年12月。)(TSSCI Tier 1)
  • Open Banking and Consumer Empowerment, 471 Consumer Reports 15-18 (2020) (開放銀行與消費者賦權,消費者報導,第471期,頁15-18,2020年。)
  • Cultivating Innovation Genes for Governance of Global Finance, 36 Financial Joint Credit Information Magazine 3-13 (2019) (培植全球金融治理的創新基因,金融聯合徵信雜誌第36期,頁3-13,2020年。)
  • The Rise of Cryptoassets and the Changing Roles of Financial Regulatory Agencies, 301 The Taiwan Law Review, 64-85 (2020)(論密碼資產的興起與金融監理機關之職能變革,月旦法學雜誌,301期,頁64-85,2020年。)
  • Proposals for Developing SupTech in Taiwan, 32 Deposit Insurance Quarterly Journal 50-77 (2018)(台灣發展監理科技之芻議,存款保險資訊季刊,第32卷第4期,頁50-77,2018年。)
  • The Fundamental Challenge of Open Banking – The Choice of TSP Governance Models, 97 Financial Information Quarterly Journal 8-15 (2019)(「開放銀行的關鍵挑戰–第三方服務提供者之治理模式選擇」,財金資訊季刊,第97期,頁8-15,2019年。)
  • Implementing Open Banking in Taiwan – A Perspective from International Developments, 34 Financial Joint Credit Information Magazine 4-12 (2019)(「從國際發展趨勢論我國推動開放銀行應有之思考」, 金融聯合徵信雜誌第 34期,頁4 -12,2019年。)
  • From Industry Sandbox to Supervisory Control Box: Rethinking the Role of Regulators in the Era of FinTech, the University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy 355-404 (Fall 2019) (Westlaw)
  • RegTech and the New Era of Financial Regulators: Envisaging More Public-Private Partnership Models of Financial Regulators, 21(2) The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 354- 404 (with Yueh-Ping Yang) (2018) (Westlaw)
  • FinTech Regulation and A Review of Taiwan’s Financial Regulatory Sandbox Mechanism, 38(4) Management Review, Forthcoming 2019 (with Jin-Lung Peng) (TSSCI Tier 1)(『金融科技監理與我國金融監理沙盒制度之檢視』, 管理評論38卷第4期,forthcoming 2019,與彭金隆合著)(TSSCI 第一級)
  • A Regulatory Diagnostic Toolkit for Analysing the Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Financial Services in Emerging Markets, 34 Banking & Finance Law Review 1-28 (2018) (with Louise Malady, Ross Buckley, and Anton Didenko)
  • A Tentative Analytical Framework and Developing Roadmap for SupTech, 37(4) Management Review, 15-39 (2018) (TSSCI Tier 1)(『試論金融監理科技的分析框架與發展圖像』, 管理評論37卷第4期,頁15-39,2018年)(TSSCI 第一級)
  • Constructing Supporting Mechanisms for the FinTech Innovative Experimentation in Taiwan. 6 Angle Accounting Magazine, 21-29 (2018) (『建構台灣金融科技創新實驗的配套機制』, 月旦會計實務研究第6期,頁21-29,2018年6月)
  • Trends in Crowdfunding Regulation – From the Perspective of Blockchain Financing, 273 The Taiwan Law Review, 72-105 (2018) (with Wang-Ru Tseng and Kai-Lin Faung) (『從區塊鏈融資論眾募規範趨勢』,月旦法學雜誌第273期,頁72-105,2018年2月,與曾宛如、方嘉麟合著)
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  • Reviewing and Redesigning the Post-Experimentation Phase of Taiwan’s Financial Regulatory Sandbox Regime, 266 The Taiwan Law Review, 35-51 (2017) (with Jin-Lung Peng)(『我國金融科技創新實驗落地機制之檢視與構建』,月旦法學雜誌第266期,頁35-51,2017年7月,與彭金隆合著)
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  • Developing the Market for Contingent Convertible Capital Instruments in Taiwan: A Proposal for Regulatory Design and Cross-Strait Financial Supervision, 26 Deposit Insurance Quarterly Journal 30-49 (2014)(『我國銀行應變資本工具之發展芻議』,存款保險資訊季刊第26卷第4 期,2013年12月,頁30-49)